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Here at Applause we believe in giving every child as many opportunities as possible. LAMDA examinations are a great attribute, and show that a young person is willing to work hard at something to achieve it. The LAMDA class is on Saturday mornings - 9:am at Birkenshaw Community Hall. LAMDA’s communication examinations provide the opportunity to develop a clear speaking voice, positive body language and self-confidence by exploring different uses of spoken English. Each exam structure starts at Entry Level, then goes from Grades 1-8. Pupils will be judged from their abilities and age before a decision is made about which grade to start at.


Three basic examinations exploring poetry and conversation skills designed to introduce the

exams structure. Designed for individual candidates.

Speaking, Verse, and Prose

Developing a strong speaking voice and memory skills, designed for individual


Reading for Performance

Learning how to construct a performance recital, designed for individual


Speaking in Public

Developing essential skills for constructing and delivering talks, presentations and speeches. Designed for individual candidates.


Developing a strong speaking voice and good memory skills by learning and performing monologues and duologues. Designed for solo or duologue performances.

Devising Drama

Developing creativity by exploring ideas and themes, and realising them through devised dramatic performances. Designed for solo or duologue performances.


Gaining an understanding of non-verbal communication by exploring body language and facial expression, and putting it into a dramatic performance. Designed for solo or duo performances.

Solo/Duo Musical Theatre

Enhancing self-confidence though singing and acting. Designed for solo or duologue performances.

LAMDA Certificate in Speech and Drama: Performance Studies (PCertLAM)

The PCertLAM is a great way to progress from a simple graded exam to a more complex, multi-unit qualification.


If you would like further information or would like to train for a LAMDA examination, please get in touch. Further information about LAMDA exams can be found at: www.lamda.org.uk/examinations/all-examinations

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